Podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge about investing and trading. Listen on your commute, at work, or at the gym to learn from the successes and mistakes of the best investors and traders in the world. Some of the recommended podcasts are educational in nature, some provide market commentary, and some focus on interviewing successful investors and traders. The podcasts below (in no particular order) are Investor Tees' picks for the thirty best free investing and trading podcasts.

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Macro Voices podcast 2.jpg


An excellent weekly podcast dropping on Thursday nights that starts out with a market recap and commentary by hedge fund manager Erik Townsend and co-host Patrick Ceresna. The second part of the podcast features interviews with some of the smartest investors and traders in the world of finance and macroeconomics.

Superinvestors 2.jpg


A great podcast with successful ex-hedge fund manager Jesse Felder interviewing "superinvestors" about their careers in finance and their investment philosophies as well as general life topics. Podcasts drops sporadically throughout the year.

We study billionaires 2.jpg


An outstanding weekly podcast dropping on Saturdays with a focus on value investing. Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson usually discusses books that have influenced financial billionaires. The podcast also features educational segments as well as interviews with successful value investors about their investing processes.

Chat with traders 2.jpg


A formerly weekly podcast, now drops sporadically throughout the year, featuring full length interviews with all types of investors and traders by host Aaron Fifield. Go through the episode library to find older episodes with great interviews of successful traders covering all imaginable financial subjects that will help you in your own trading.


Masters in business 2.jpg


Another weekly podcast that features Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviewing investors, traders, and people and that shape markets, investing, and business.


According to Sources 2.jpg

According to Sources

An excellent podcast hosted by Michael Samuels, founder and portfolio manager of Broome Street Capital. According to Sources focuses on M & A, corporate activism, and event-driven investing. The podcast features guests and discussions about relevant news.

Meb Faber Show 2.jpg


Entrepreneur and investment fund manager Meb Faber's weekly podcast discusses today’s markets and the art of investing. Featuring some of the top investment professionals in the world as guests, the show breaks down global equity, bond, and commodity markets. The show focuses on smart beta, trend following, value investing, and timely market topics.


Grant's Current Yield 2.jpg


Jim Grant, the founder of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, and Evan Lorenz talk high finance, Grant's-style, with a guest and provide market commentary as well as discussing other current market topics.


Futures Radio Show 2.jpg


Futures Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by futures trader Anthony Crudele. The podcast features interviews with traders, CEOs, and other market participants about current trading and investing topics.


Macro Horizons.jpg

Macro Horizons

A weekly podcast from BMO Capital Markets, hosted by Ian Lyngen, Ben Jeffery, and Jon Hill, discussing the week ahead in U.S. rates and global trends in the Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities macroclimate. Excellent podcast for fixed income and currency traders.

The Sherman Show 2.jpg

The Sherman Show

The Sherman Show is a great podcast by DoubleLine Capital LP, hosted by Jeffrey Sherman, CIO and Sam Lau, portfolio manager. The podcast features distinguished guests and market discussions, giving you the insight into DoubleLine’s strategies, portfolio managers, and industry innovators.

Better System Trader 2.jpg


Better System Trader is a podcast that drops every other week hosted by Andrew Swanscott. The show features interviews with traders with a focus on actionable insights to help you in your trading.


Trading Global Markets Decoded.jpg

Trading Global Markets Decoded

A podcast from DailyFX, hosted by DailyFX Senior Analyst, Tyler Yell, CMT, focuses on the FX market. The podcast features conversations with forex exchange experts covering current FX market topics, trades, and other forex insights. Great podcast for forex traders.

Commodity Week 2.jpg


Commodity Week is a weekly podcast, hosted by Todd Gleason, featuring a wrap up of the farm and agriculture markets, analysis, weather, and guest interviews. The podcast has great insight for soft commodities futures traders.


Real Vision 2.jpg


The Knock-On Effect is a weekly podcast with hosts Justine Underhill, Alex Rosenberg, and Roger Hirst that starts with a financial or economic event and discusses its knock-on effects. You can also access the episode library and listen to old episodes which features great topics and interviews with successful investors and traders.


Trend Following 2.jpg


Trend Following is a twice a week podcast hosted by author Michael Covel and features interviews with famous guests discussing topics ranging from investments, economics, decision-making, human behavior to entrepreneurship.

The Allstarcharts Podcast 2.jpg

The allstarcharts podcast on technical analysis radio

The Allstarcharts Podcast on Technical Analysis Radio: Current Market Analysis for Traders is hosted by JC Parets, a Chartered Market Technician. The podcast features interviews with some of the best technical analysts in the world where they discuss trading process as well as current market conditions.

Option Alpha 2.jpg

THE OptION ALPHA PODCAST: OPTIONS Trading, stock options, stock trading, trading online

The Option Alpha Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Kirk Du Plessis, an independent options trader. The podcast educates you about options trading and options strategies. It also features actionable advice, discussions, interviews, and case studies to help you become a better options trader.

Capital Allocators 2.jpg


Capital Allocators is a weekly podcast hosted by Ted Seides, a successful asset manager and founder of Hidden Brook Investments, LLC. The podcast features great conversations with leaders in money management about the people and process behind capital allocation.

The Market Huddle 2.jpg

The Market Huddle

A great weekly podcast featuring Patrick Ceresna and Kevin Muir getting together each weekend to drink a few beers and discussing the week’s action in the markets, their macro views, charts, and some random topics. The podcast is also available on YouTube where you can see any charts discussed as well as other visual media.

Desire to Trade Podcast 2.jpg

desire to trade podcast - FOREX TRADING TIPS & INTERVIEWS with highly successful traders

Desire to Trade Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Etienne Crete, independent forex trader, blogger, and trading coach. The podcast was started to help aspiring forex traders to learn solid trading processes and to develop their forex trading skills. Desire to Trade features interviews with successful forex traders from around the world, lessons from the hosts personal trading experiences, and actionable trading advice.

Invest Like the Best 2.jpg


Invest Like the Best is a weekly podcast hosted by Patrick O'Shaughnessy, CEO of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management. The podcast features interviews with portfolio managers, venture capitalists, researchers, authors, as well as people outside of the investing business about their ideas and methods. The interviews are entertaining and informative and aims to help you to better invest your time and money.

the monthly dirtcast 2.jpg


The Monthly Dirtcast, as the name suggests, is a monthly podcast hosted by Jared Dillian, a market newsletter author and former institutional trader. The Monthly Dirtcast is an entertaining and informal financial podcast, where Jared Dillian takes you on a journey through the world of finance discussing a wide variety of topics with guests from all walks of life.

The Acquirers Podcast 2.jpg

The Acquirers Podcast

This excellent weekly podcast hosted by Tobias Carlisle, founder of Acquirers Funds, LLC and author, focuses on value investing. The podcast features discussions with guests about finding undervalued stocks, deep value investing, hedge funds, shareholder activism, buyouts, and special situations.

Not available on Google Play

Hedgeye 2.jpg


Hedgeye is an investment research and financial media company. The Hedgeye podcast feed includes the Real Conversations series, hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough, which features discussions with other successful and bright minds in the world of finance.

Not available on Google Play

In The Arena.jpg

Hedgeye: In The Arena

Hedgeye: In The Arena, which drops every other week, is hosted by Daryl Jones, Hedgeye’s Director of Sales, and features insightful interviews with experts in the investment world.

Not available on Google Play

Top Traders Unplugged II 2.jpg


Top Traders Unplugged is hosted by asset manager Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and features interviews with investors and traders about their views on investing, portfolio construction, risk management, research, how to handle the emotional roller coaster and what it takes to become successful.

Not available on Google Play


Resource Insider Podcast.jpg

Resource Insider Podcast

The Resource Insider Podcast features guest interviews and analysis about the biggest investment opportunities in metals and mining. A must-listen for gold and other resource investors.

Not available on Google Play

The Gold Chronicles 2.jpg

The Gold Chronicles

The Gold Chronicles is a terrific podcast featuring regular conversations with famed investment banker, investment adviser, and author, James Rickards. The Gold Chronicles features conversations about the financial markets with an emphasis on the gold market (as suggested by the name of the podcast).

Not available on Google Play

Future skills 2.jpg


Future Skills is a weekly podcast hosted by Mikael Syding, former hedge fund manager, and author and entrepreneur Ludvig Sunström. The podcast features discussions about actionable tips on how to improve yourself as well as interviews with investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and other experts.

Not available on Google Play