The Weekly Freesource

Here are the 15 best investing and trading articles we found this week. Just click the links and enjoy!

  1. The Trouble with Using a One-Dimensional Investment Process by Jesse Felder.

  2. The Most Dangerous Setup by Kevin Muir.

  3. Independent Fed & Housing Optimism by MI2 Partners.

  4. The Real Cost of Low-Fee Funds by John Mauldin.

  5. Will Italy Sink Europe? by Jim O’Neill.

  6. Siegel vs. Shiller: Is the Stock Market Overvalued? by David Hay.

  7. Equity Valuation Science, Art, or Craft? by Frank J. Fabozzi, Sergio M. Focardi, and Caroline Jonas.

  8. Price Discovery of a Speculative Asset: Evidence from a Bitcoin Exchange by Eric Ghysels and Giang Nguyen.

  9. The BUE Consumer Report by Eric Cinnamond.

  10. Funding Secured by Ben Hunt.

  11. 4 Years Ago, and Again Today by Tom McClellan.

  12. Residential Mortgage Credit Update by Ken K. Shinoda, Steven R. Wald, and Kubat Akmatov.

  13. PolarityTE: This Game is Over! Price Target - $2 by Citron Research.

  14. Markets, Not Fed, Go Crazy by Elena Moya.

  15. China’s Economy is Not Crashing, it’s Worse Than That by Jeffrey P. Snider.