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The must-read investing and trading newsletters on this list provides great market insight, macro research, and other useful market information from some of the most successful investors and traders in the world (and the best part is that all the newsletters are free). Just follow the links below to sign up for free to receive each of the newsletters. These newsletters (in no particular order) are Investor Tees' picks for the top fifteen best free investing and trading newsletters:


The felder report

Jesse Felder is a former hedge fund manager and now the author of The Felder Report newsletter and host of the Superinvestors podcast. The newsletter features his blog articles about the markets, value investing, and other related topics.




The podcast MacroVoices hosted by hedge fund manager Erik Townsend and sidekick Patrick Ceresna has a weekly newsletter featuring a transcript of the podcast, links to supplemental materials from the interview guests, and other interesting free research found each week.



Real vision 20/20

Real Vision is a financial media company offering premium on-demand in-depth interviews and independent research. However, Real Vision also offers a free weekly newsletter featuring interesting market commentary.



Vitaliy N. Katsenelson

Vitaliy Katsenelson is a value investor, the Chief Investment Officer for Investment Management Associates, Inc. and the author of his once or twice a month newsletter featuring value investment articles and insight.



McClellan Financial Publications - chart in focus

Tom McClellan is a technical analyst and the editor of The McClellan Market Report, a premium newsletter. However, McClellan Financial Publications also offers a free weekly technical analysis newsletter featuring a Chart In Focus.




Discover market-beating stocks, learn to invest with confidence, and join a fun community to help you achieve your greatest financial life, no matter where you're starting out. Stock advice that beats the market.



Evergreen Gavekal

Evergreen Gavekal is a U.S. Private Wealth Manager. Their newsletter features blog articles about the markets and investing.



Epsilon Theory - Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt is the Chief Investment Strategist for Salient and the primary author of the Epsilon Theory newsletter that examines the markets through the lenses of game theory and history.



the Macro Tourist

Kevin Muir a market strategist for East West Investment Management and the author of the MacroTourist newsletter that focuses on macro economics and investing.




John Mauldin is the founder of Mauldin Economics and the author of the Thoughts from the Frontline newsletter that explores developments overlooked by mainstream news and analyzes the economy and financial markets.




Sprott is a global alternative asset manager. Their newsletter features articles about precious metals and real assets by their team of investment professionals and subject matter experts.



Movement Capital/FREE CoT DATA

Movement Capital is an independent investment firm that provides free resources for investors and traders on its website and through its newsletter. The Free CoT Data newsletter discusses the weekly Commitments of Traders report by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Go to the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter and to receive a free video walkthrough on how to use CoT Data.



Thoughts from the divide - Julian Brigden

Julian Brigden is the co-founder of Macro Intelligence 2 Partners (MI2) and the author of the Thoughts from the Divide weekly newsletter that contains brief synopses on articles on macro topics and charts found by MI2's research team.



Incrementum AG

Incrementum AG is an independent investment and asset management company based in Liechtenstein. They offer several newsletters (Incrementum Research, Stefan's Weekly, In Gold We Trust, and other fund specific newsletters) discussing macro economics, gold, and other commodities.



almost daily GRANT's

James Grant is an author and the founder of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, a premium newsletter. However, he also offers a free daily newsletter, Almost Daily Grant's, that discusses what happened in the markets as well as future macro themes.




Howard Marks is a co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management who publishes his memos to his clients detailing his investment strategies and insights into the global economy.